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DARK COUNTRY might've skipped theaters to go directly on shelves, it's still directed by Tom Badass Jane and stars himself alongside Ron Badderass Perlman. Plus, our own Jimmy O reviewed it  favorably with a mention that "Not only can Thomas Jane rock and roll as an actor, it seems he has a terrific eye as a director."

Nothing is as convincing as watching the darn thing though, probably, so here's the closest thing: a bunch of clips that found their way on the net, courtesy of the folks at SchockTillYouDrop. Can I just say MAN I want this to be as cool as it looks!

One of those clips is right down there, with the rest peacefully resting on JoBlo Videos RIGHT HERE. The DVD is in stores October 6.

Extra Tidbit: Screenwriter Tab Murphy's 4 previous films before COUNTRY were Disney animations; Brother Bear, Atlantis, Tarzan and Hunchback. Guy must be giddy as a clown to have met Jane...



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