Dark is Rising poster

The Dark is Rising "MTV Movies Blog" has recently gotten an exclusive look at the right-pictured first poster for the David L. Cunningham directed fantasy adventure THE DARK IS RISING, an adaptation of the Susan Cooper fantasy series of the same name. It's pretty standard fantasy poster fare but it does convey a basic Light vs. Dark idea, which is essentially what the movie is about - a young boy discovers he's a descendant of an ancient line of Immortals, warriors of The Light tasked with defending their world against the forces of The Dark, and he must seek the magical Things of Power in order to battle the impending titular rising Dark. Not the most stunningly original story, sure, but the series was released in the 1960s to quite a lot of critical acclaim. In related news, we'll have a full set report for this flick rather soon so be on the lookout for that. Get the full high res version of the poster over HERE. The film's set for release October 5th.

Extra Tidbit: There are five books in "The Dark is Rising" series - "Over Sea, Under Stone", "The Dark is Rising", "Greenwitch", "The Grey King" and "Silver on the Tree".
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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