Dark Knight begins

Is this your most anticipated movie of next year? It should be given that BATMAN BEGINS was way too good and because The Joker is finally going to be introduced into Chris Nolan's Gotham. A Superhero movie's success/failure can be down to how good the villain is. The first movie was fantastic because of the direction and the godliness of Christian Bale, this time we get all that plus the addition of the ultimate Batman villain. I can see only good things here.

And as the day reaches ever nearer, filming has begun for THE DARK KNIGHT in Chicago over the last couple of days. Superherohype have posted a couple of pictures taken of inside the 'Gotham National Bank', where it is rumoured The Joker and his cohorts will crash a school bus into the building and then proceed to rob the place. Click HERE for the pictures.

There are also a couple more pictures HERE of the exterior of the 'Gotham National Bank'. Holy overwhelming anticipation, Batman!
Extra Tidbit: If certain rumours are to be believed we could be seeing Heath Ledger as The Joker sooner rather than later, since Warners want to pre-empt any out of context tabloid images.



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