Dark Knight character spoiler

There is a minor SPOILER to follow here, regarding one of the characters that may or may not appear in THE DARK KNIGHT. I'm pretty sure that if you visit other film websites you'll have this 'spoiled' for you, but I'm going to give you the warning anyway.

Apparently it's being reported that the f*cked up half of Two Face's visage is going to be digital. If Filmick's source is right, then Framestore CFC are going to be the company responsible for handling the animation. In case you're worried about this, don't be, these bad boys did the mind-blowing work on CHILDREN OF MEN. Yes, mind-blowing.

So why not make-up? I don't know, to be fancy? Either way, I don't like Eckhart's face, he's way too smug, so let's get it as messed up as possible. I like my Two Face with teeth pointing through flesh and holes in his cheeks and shit.
Extra Tidbit: In the ARKHAM ASYLUM graphic novel, psychiatrists try to help Two Face by moving him off of a coin and on to a dice, to give him 6 possibilities, rather than 2.
Source: Filmick



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