Dark Knight fake thing

Despite its poor quality and highly unconvincing nature, dozens upon dozens of readers have called our attention to this supposed "leaked" teaser trailer for the upcoming Batman bombardment THE DARK KNIGHT. But you don't really need to let us know any more.

It's a fake, people. A fabrication. Totally bogus. Counterfeit. Spurious. A sham, forgery, phony. It's nothing resembling a real teaser trailer. I can safely make this statement in no uncertain terms, just in case the heinous lighting and amateurish content (which the makers attempted to mask with "bootleg" bobbing camera) of the clearly fan-crafted footage itself wasn't indication enough.

If you're still determined, wishful Bat-fans, check out the questionable clip RIGHT HERE and decide for yourselves. And take solace in knowing that the eventual official teaser will be far more professional and satisfying, whenever we actually get to see it. (Unless that goofy-looking Batcycle is in it...)
Extra Tidbit: How come fans haven't made a fake trailer for THE MUMMY 3 yet? Wait, I think I answered my own question...
Source: JoBlo



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