Dark Knight Returns

It looks as though Warner Bros. is planning on rereleasing THE DARK KNIGHT in theatres come January, the heart of Academy award voting season. Apparently the studio wants to remind voters that their little-movie-that-could deserves an Oscar or ten. This is a brilliant move by the studio on so many levels. Voters definitely need to be reminded of THE DARK KNIGHT, seeing as how this was totally the summer of THE LOVE GURU, and TDK went virtually unnoticed, saddled by the brilliance that is Mike Myers. Also, by rereleasing the film, they might be able to actually make some profit, seeing as how TDK only surpassed the 500 million dollar mark in like it's fifth week. Pathetic by comic book movie standards. Finally by rereleasing the film, I get a chance to see it for a fourteenth time, enabling me to finally learn the colour of the African American reporter's tie in the press conference scene. At last, victory will be mine.

Extra Tidbit: It is not yet clear whether TDK will be rereleased only on IMAX screens, or on regular screens as well.
Source: THR



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