Dark Knight Rises and Superman start shooting in May and June

Two hotly anticipated superhero franchises both now have approximate start dates, and they're remarkably close to each other. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL (is that the official title?) are both set to start shooting this spring with 2012 eyed as a release for both. That's going to be one hell of a big summer.

The news comes from two different sources. Buried in the Deadline report that Warners in now searching for their Man of Steel is that filming starts in June. Meanwhile, the always loose-lipped Michael Caine told empire that shooting for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES starts in May and wraps in November, with the first script getting to the actors in January. As for any other plot details, Caine says Nolan has all that info locked up tight. Duh.

Which of these two projects are you more excited for? Instinct would say DARK KNIGHT RISES as I can't remember a more anticipated movie since uh, THE DARK KNIGHT. But a Nolan guided, Snyder directed SUPERMAN should be a sight to behold, and interest should really start to pick up once it actually finds a lead.

Extra Tidbit: And let's not forget Aronofsky's THE WOLVERINE which I'm getting more and more excited for as new details come to light.
Source: EmpireDeadline



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