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Darren Aronofsky just wants to have fun with The Wolverine


One of the most interesting projects right now is Darren Aronofsky taking on THE WOLVERINE.

Dave Poland (heads up via /Film) recently sat down with Aronofksy and spoke about the director's plans for taking on a film like this one. Listening to him talk so confidently about the project makes you only look forward to it more. At one point, he corrects Poland saying that the film is not associated with the first one, it stands alone, and that's why it is called THE WOLVERINE.

Aronofsky will be using his usual crew and plans to do things on his terms. Here's a sample of his attitude towards this film, "I think Iím being hired because of who I am; Iím not being hired to turn into someone. Iím being hired to do what I do. I donít know exactly if [Fox head Tom Rothman] knows what heís bought, but weíre going to make something great."

The video is short and I suggest you check it out. He's also sporting a great 'stache.

Extra Tidbit: Fury159 won my TRON: LEGACY video contest with his Hitler dog entry. So good sir, please send me an email containing your shout-out.
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