Darth Snake Eyes?

Has the G.I. JOE team found someone to fill the uniform of silent ninja Snake Eyes?

According to Slashfilm, it's a guy with an athletic background, martial arts aptitude, and a history of mostly physical film performances: Ray Park. The guy who brought us what would ultimately be one of the only decent things in the STAR WARS prequels besides unintentional humor (feel free to argue otherwise, for naught) will apparently be slashing up COBRA goons and Destro minions, while playing cat-and-deadly-mouse with his friend-turned-nemesis Storm Shadow.

The popular character wears a mask after getting his face blasted off in a helicopter crash (if my comic memory serves), so I guess we shouldn't expect to see Ray's "real" face, which has only appeared in the tragic ECKS vs. SEVER and at many fan conventions.

Sienna Miller (LAYER CAKE) has already joined the upcoming action flick from THE MUMMY director Stephen Sommers. Release is planned for August 7, 2009. You already know what it's about. (That's half the battle.)
Extra Tidbit: Park's voice in PHANTOM MENACE was overdubbed by Brit comedian Peter Serafinowicz (of SPACED, SHAUN OF THE DEAD and the brilliant LOOK AROUND YOU). Curiously, his tongue in X-MEN was real.
Source: Slashfilm



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