Darwin Cast Evolves

A few weeks ago we reported that real-life couple Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly were set to star as Charles Darwin and his significant other respectively, in the biopic CREATION. In an odd turn of events, ex-Bond girl Rosamund Pike insists that she is the one playing Darwin's wife and Joseph Fiennes is in fact playing Darwin. According to Pike, she has already begun working on the film and had this to say about her fascination with the man and the character she plays:

I'm definitely a Darwinist, but playing his wife has been a real eye-opener. She was very religious and his discoveries placed a heavy strain on their marriage. We are exploring different angles to the story.

Oddly enough, Bettany and Connelly are still listed as the stars of the film on IMDB so who really knows what's going on. But unless Pike is a total basketcase, I'm pretty sure Bettany and Connelly are out. Oh well.
Extra Tidbit: Which duo do you prefer?
Source: IMDB



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