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Daryl, Rick, and Carl of The Walking Dead get their own EW covers


When I woke up this morning I saw Norman Reedus staring back at me. When I hopped on to Facebook, Reedus had posted the three WALKING DEAD character covers for Entertainment Weekly. There's Reedus as Daryl on his bike with his poncho hanging around his neck. The other two covers focus on father and son, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl(Chandler Riggs) respectively.

We don't learn much more about the upcoming season other than the fact that zombies aren't the only thing to worry about. New showrunner Scott M. Gimple offered this up, "The new threat is something you canít just stab in the face. You canít talk sense to it. You canít make a truce with it. Itís beyond all that. It would be a threat in any world, but in this world it is much more terrifying." Something weather related? A non-zombie related sickness?

You'll have to wait for answers until October when the fourth season debuts. I just need more Tyreese (Chad Coleman) in my life. Check out the covers below.

Source: EWFacebook



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