Date Scarlett Jo!

Scarlett Johansson Hey, you ever wanted to date Scarlett Johansson? Well…keep dreaming, buddy. You're not gonna date Scar Jo, dude. Seriously. Having said that, Ebay is holding an auction in which you can "bid on two tickets to be Scarlett's guest to the He's Just Not That Into You premiere and meet her, plus win signed DVDs and a personal note!" You'll meet her, people! Or at least you'll wave to her as she passes you and other contest winners in a hotel lobby but you'll be around her for a good five seconds! And as if that wasn't enough, you'll get a personal note! Written by a studio publicist and stamped with a Scarlett Johansson signature stamp, of course, but it'll have your name and everything on it so it's basically like she wrote it herself and gave it to you! If you wanna take advantage of this absolutely sick offer, go HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Johansson's sweater puppets, like the Great Wall of China, are one of the few structures visible from space.
Source: Ebay



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