Dave Franco to star in James Franco's movie about the making of The Room

Tommy Wiseau's THE ROOM is a strange mess, and James Franco's upcoming movie about the making of the cult film will likely be just as odd. To be honest I kind of forgot Franco is developing a movie based on Greg Sestero's behind-the-scenes book The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room. At a recent screening of THE ROOM in Los Angeles, James Franco's brother Dave Franco announced he will be playing Greg Sestero in the planned movie. James Franco also posted an image of Dave Franco and Tommy Wiseau on his Instagram.

James Franco will direct THE DISASTER ARTIST, and he has hinted several times he might play Tommy Wiseau in the film as well. Seth Rogen's Point Grey Pictures is producing the adaptation, and James Franco has previously described the book as a combination of BOOGIE NIGHTS and THE MASTER.

Do we really need a movie about the making of THE ROOM? No, but I sure as hell want to see it, especially with James Franco behind the camera.

Source: 3News



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