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David Ayer on DC's Suicide Squad: "It's a Dirty Dozen with supervillains"


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While we knew a SUICIDE SQUAD movie was in the works, I think most of us were surprised when it was announced the David Ayer (FURY) film will be released before many of the upcoming DC comic book movies featuring well-known comic book characters like Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern. Casting rumors surfaced almost immediately after DC revealed their slate of planned films, but there's been no word on which characters will be used in SUICIDE SQUAD.

David Ayer doesn't say which characters will appear in SUICIDE SQUAD in his interview with Empire, however he does compare the DC film to the classic 1967 war movie THE DIRTY DOZEN.

I can say that it’s a Dirty Dozen with supervillains. Then I can ask the question, ‘Does a movie really need good guys?'

Empire also wanted to know how Ayer is planning on casting for the film, since the team has a bunch of very unpleasant characters, like the racist Captain Boomerang.

Like one would cast any other role. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m going to do what I do in my typical fever dream of directing.

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Because Empire specifically asked David Ayer about Captain Boomerang, some think the director is confirming the character will be in SUICIDE SQUAD with his comments, however I think that's a bit of a stretch. There's of course a chance Captain Boomerang will be a SUICIDE SQUAD member in Ayer's film, but I think he's just saying he is going to cast for the movie the same way he did for his previous ones.

With a team of antiheroes and an August release date, it's clear DC and Warner Bros. are hopeful SUICIDE SQUAD will be their answer to Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. It'll be interesting to see which characters they decide to use for SUICIDE SQUAD, and who will be playing them in David Ayer's movie.

SUICIDE SQUAD will be in theaters on August 5, 2016.

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