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It's no secret that, we on the site, love the movies of David Fincher (in case you're still in the dark about this awesome director, he's done SE7EN, THE GAME, FIGHT CLUB, and most recently, PANIC ROOM). So what's his next project? Well, he's been prancing around this commitment for a little while now, but thanks to "Pavan", who gave me a head's up on the most recent issue of TOTAL FILM magazine, here's what David himself had to say about his next options:

"We're still working on this. Josh Friedman's writing a script and we're trying to get it under 240 pages. The thing I love about the book is that it's not really so much about the killing of the Dahlia [wannabe actress Beth Short, who was brutally murdered in a crime that stunned '40s America], it's a tale of sexual obsession, it's about the politics of murder, and the politics of the feeding frenzy of the press. Ellroy is awesome."

"It's kind of like the boat ride up the river in Apocalypse Now, except on $200 million submarine with nuclear warheads. It's a very scathing look at American military foreign policy at the end of the Reagan era, so it's exactly the wrong time to be making this movie. The white power structure very rarely wants to look at its shortcomings."

"Morgan Freeman brought this project to me. But it's a very tricky adaptation, because the book's been pilfered so often since by movies like Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Armageddon and even Alien. It's a survival movie, it's what it would be like if five satellite repairmen rather than scientists had first contact with extraterrestrial intelligence."

"Nic Cage brought this to me. It's about a robot who thinks robot's are despicable and can't believe he's a robot himself. But I don't know what we're gonna do with this. Frank [Miller] has an ide, and I think he's a genius, so I'll follow him anywhere. But I don't know what he's got in mind yet..."

"It's a kind of sex comedy about celebrity chefs in New York. But it's too obscure to really explain. It's what Soderbergh calls 'a purification project', like Dogme. You've got to do it all hand-held, with no storyboards, no pre-visualisation...It's sort of a romp - or as much of a romp as I can do!"

Source: Total Film
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