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David O. Russell and Eli Roth may collaborate on a horror movie


David O. Russell has busted out of a filmmaking funk that lasted six years. After making I HEART HUCKABEES, a movie notorious for Russell's on-set arguments with Lily Tomlin, the director was unsure if he would be able to direct another film. During this time, Russell wrote numerous screenplays until he helmed THE FIGHTER in 2010. The acclaim that film garnered allowed him to next make SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. Next, he has AMERICAN HUSTLE which is looking to be a third consecutive success. At this point, David O. Russell can do pretty much anything he wants and that includes collaborating on some of those screenplays that have been collecting dust.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Russell shared that one of the scripts he wrote during his quiet period was a horror movie. Now, seeing a horror movie directed by David O. Russell would be a cool treat and another genre to put under his belt, but from what he said in the interview, there may be someone else working on the film with him.

Well itíll be coupled with Eli Roth, thatís exciting to me. Cause I had to write to support myself. So I wrote a horror for producer Colleen Camp, a horror film that I thought was interesting. And Eli thinks its interesting, I think heís going to make it more interesting. Itís emotional, itís alsoÖ weíll see. Itís alsoÖI donít wanna say anything more, Iíll let Eli talk about it.

Eli Roth himself has been linked to a ton of films over the years with his latest, THE GREEN INFERNO, the first movie he has directed since 2007's HOSTEL PART II. Roth has done quite a bit of producing over the last years and some acting as well. If Roth is directing Russell's screenplay, that would make for a very cool collaboration.

Whatever the collaboration ends up being, having Eli Roth and David O. Russell sharing credits on a film of any genre is a treat for film fans. I just hope this happens sooner rather than later.



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