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David Slade set to direct Villain


Can you blame David Slade for tackling a TWILIGHT movie in the effort to try to make it suck less? I'm not sure if that was his intention, but regardless the job comes with a pretty hefty paycheck. I mean, isn't this why anyone is doing it at this point?

That happened to be Slade's last feature until he got a job helming, VILLAIN.

What do we know about this movie? Nothing really, other than the fact that it's a psychological thriller written by Josh Zetumer (ROBOCOP, 2013). Producer on the project, Ben Browning said a few nice things, "David is a brilliant director with an eye for gritty, dark thrillers. He's the perfect match for Josh's phenomenal script and we are confident that we will draw top-tier talent to the project in the coming weeks."

I like Slade. The guy directed HARD CANDY, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, and the "Open House" episode of BREAKING BAD. VILLAIN will probably be a good one too.

Source: GeekTyrant



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