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Dax Shepard to write, direct and star in a film version of Chips


If you have been sitting at home waiting for a big screen adaptation for your favorite TV series CHiPs to come along, well get up off that couch and put on some pants! Dax Shepard (HIT AND RUN), the actor, comedian, writer and director, will be bringing a film version of the classic NBC TV series to theaters. Shepard is set to play Jon Baker, the by-the-book officer played by Larry Wilcox in the TV show and Michael Pena, who will co-star, will play Frank Poncherello, Baker's wild partner, who was played by Erik Estrada in the show.

CHiPs TV series creator Rick Rosner will also executive produce, maybe to keep that authenticity? CHiPs ran for six seasons from 1977 to 1983 and featured two officers who patrolled the highways of California in motorcycles and the tight uniforms. This movie version will apparently not be a spoof like STARSKY & HUTCH with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson; this is going for serious. “The new take is envisioned as much in the tone of Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon than a comedy” says Deadline. Now that's interesting considering they're taking material and turning up the drama and intensity; why not just make something new and leave CHiPs alone? I'm asking for my parents of course.

Were you a fan of the TV series? I can't say I've seen more than one episode late at night when the remote was lost on me.

If Dax is looking for some casting ideas; he should look no further than his own wife, the lovely Kristen Bell.

Source: Deadline



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