DD costume revealed!

Well I wish I could jump up and down with glee about this. I was hoping I'd get that adrenalin rush and the excited knot in my stomach when I saw the DAREDEVIL costume for the first time. Instead I'm just --- eh. It's not necessarily the costume so much as the presentation. I can barely decide whether I like the costume cause the picture used is so crappy. I've only seen the online version of USA Today, so maybe the print version is clearer, but this is terrible. First off, it's too small. Second, it looks like the picture was touched up in Photoshop. Finally, it shows us really nothing at all. Because it's a shot looking up, we can't see the horns, the "DD" logo or anything. So I'm not going to rail on Mark Steven Johnson or the producers or costume designers or whomever. I'm just going to sit and wait for a real, high-quality image to turn up online before I make my decision. I have nothing but confidence in the team behind the movie. Check the picture out for yourself below and click on it to read the article at USA Today...

Source: USA Today
Tags: Hollywood



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