De Niro back w/ Marty?

I feel like this is an annual article we write here at JoBlo.com where we talk about the potential that Robert De Niro will once again reteam with Martin Scorsese for an upcoming movie. And while it hasn't happened despite our willing it to happen through repeated articles, here's to hoping! Robert De Niro was at a press conference and said that he and Scorsese are working on two projects together, one of which they're actively preparing and should be ready in 2009. Ready to what though? Ready to go to a writer? Ready to begin filming? When pressed for details, De Niro didn't want to give too much away because he's "superstitious" about those things (and by superstitious he means, it's completely bullshit and he hasn't thought of a good cover yet). De Niro and Scorsese had been in talks to work on FRANKIE MACHINE but Scorsese left the project and currently Michael Mann is attached to direct.

At the press conference, De Niro also mentioned that he would like to expand his mediocre THE GOOD SHEPHERD into a trilogy; one prequel and one sequel. When reached for comment, Matt Damon laughed his ass off. The first follow-up, De Niro says, would bring the SHEPHERD character Edward Wilson from 1961 to 1989 with the sequel taking him in present day. Despite Larry King's assertion otherwise, THE GOOD SHEPHERD wasn't the best spy movie ever and wasn't even a very good one ("excruciatingly dull" comes to mind as a slightly better blurb).

Extra Tidbit: Scorsese is currently filming SHUTTER ISLAND with his modern-day De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio.
Source: Variety



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