Dead Kill Bill comic

While recently perusing deviantArt for my fix of amateur photography, anime wank art and depictions of superheroines in compromising positions, I came across the gallery of prolific comic book writer/artist Adam Warren, who previously cooked up delicious cheesecake wonders and crafted inventive sci-fi themes in DIRTY PAIR and GEN13 titles (among others).

As it turns out, he also wanted to bring his proclivity for speed lines and big-eyed action babes to a comic based on a movie property – none other than Quentin Tarantino’s KILL BILL. Warren was involved in a proposal for “a DEADLY VIPERS book, dealing with the pre-KILL BILL adventures of Tarantino’s colorfully sociopathic characters.” He even whipped up four pages of layouts for his own script, which featured the future-Bride/then-assassin tangling with a brain-damaged target in a hair salon (hence feeding the artist’s desire to illustrate a scissorfight).

Alas, much like Tarantino’s own planned DEADLY VIPER ASSASSINATION SQUAD animated prequels (and what seems like 90% of his other intended projects – the guy has less focus than a LASIK waiting list), this comic based on his characters sadly never came to fruition. I would've loved seeing Warren's hyperkinetic manga-influnced art and insane pop-culture ideas applied to Tarantino's already-kooky world, but at least now you can find the pages and unrealized details at Warren's deviantArt site.

Extra Tidbit: Tarantino's long-promised complete DVD of KILL BILL, combining the films into one experience (with tons of special features), is another thing that has yet to arrive.
Source: deviantArt



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