Deadly Skyscraper

In the wake of 9/11, any action/thriller/disaster movies involving airliners or tall buildings immediately got stuffed in the vault. And while the statute of limitations has obviously expired on plane-based terror (RED EYE, FLIGHTPLAN, SNAKES ON A PLANE, etc.), it looks like the window of good taste has finally closed for skyscrapers as well.

At least, that's judging by the new project SKYSCRAPER, a disaster movie about a mile-high building in Chicago that becomes a gigantic bad idea. The "modern-day TOWERING INFERNO" is set in and around the fictional wicked big structure and involves its "Donald Trump-style developer as well as on the daring crew that rushes in to save the tower when it starts to falter." Am I the only one thinking it'd be cooler if the building came to life and attacked the rest of the city? Ah, well.

The movie is being produced by Neil Moritz, a name you'll undoubtedly recognize for other noisy messes (STEALTH, XXX, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS). The script comes from Mike Sobel, who gained attention with a spec called ANIMALS about nature's beasts turning on mankind, which sounds suspiciously like another 70s disaster movie.

Extra Tidbit: Around the time of the actual attack, Jackie Chan was beginning production on NOSEBLEED, a thriller about terrorists targeting the World Trade Center. Eerie.
Source: THR



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