Deadman's director

I’m not really even sure what to make of this news, but according to Bloody Disgusting, Nikolaj Arcel (ISLAND OF LOST SOULS) is about to be put behind the wheel of a Guillermo del Toro produced film adaptation of DEADMAN. You know, Deadman? No? Me neither.

He’s a DC comic character that first popped up back in the ‘60s who was a tightrope walker that was murdered and subsequently granted the ability to live on as a ghost who can inhabit other people’s bodies. Uh, awesome? Even with del Toro’s name attached here, I’ve zero inclination to get excited for this, as right now I’m putting it next to Brett Ratner's YOUNGBLOOD in my “obscure comic book movies I don’t care about" file.

Am I missing something here? Was Deadman actually a badass character? From what I can tell he looks like Dr. Manhattan meets Daredevil meets the highest popped collar in superhero history. A ghost superhero seems like a decent idea, but as of now he just looks sort of goofy. Maybe del Toro and Arcel can turn this project into a good idea, but pardon my skepticism for the time being.

Extra Tidbit: My eight year-old cousin just looked at Deadman and said, "They're making a Voldemort movie?"



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