Deadpool in Wolvie!

After a period with little to no news on the WOLVERINE movie, the scoops are coming fast and furious now. We reported last week that Danny Huston had signed to star as William Stryker and IESB followed that with news that Silver Fox had been cast. Now AICN has an interesting scoop on one of those superhero cameos that Marvel seems so hot on lately. You know that Robert Downey, Jr. cameos in THE INCREDIBLE HULK and Samuel L. Jackson cameos in IRON MAN but who will be appearing in WOLVERINE? Turns out that Ryan Reynolds will be playing Deadpool in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. It's probably one scene but something Marvel hopes can lead to a spin-off that Reynolds would star in. Rumors continue to fly that Gambit has been cast but first we need confirmation that Gambit is even in the script. Hopefully Fox will be kind enough to bring a few of us writers down to New Zealand to check out the set and maybe we'll find out what really is going on...

Extra Tidbit: Marvel has been courting Reynolds for Deadpool since 2004.
Source: Ain't It Cool



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