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Man, do I ever love getting my movie news items 140 characters at a time. In case that's too annoying for you, and you're not following Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld on Twitter, let me sum up a recent tweet string about his meeting with X-movie guru Lauren Schuler Donner.

"Walking into Deadpool movie meeting!!! Yowza!

Great Deadpool movie meeting! Lauren Schuler Donner and her team are headed in the right direction!

Deadpool movie checklist- DP in costume-check! Breaking 4th wall-check! Loads of killing-double check!

Deadpool movie- YES! Ryan Reynolds is on board!!!

Also excited to discuss possibilities of Cable in future X-films!!!"

Alright, so despite the character limit, that’s a hell of a lot of good info. All the pieces would SEEM to be in place for a good DEADPOOL flick, including mask-wearing, wall-breaking, mass-killing and of course Reynolds-casting, which I still maintain is one of the best superhero-actor pairings in years.

I’m also excited to hear that Cable might be coming to the big screen at some future date, as he was one of my favorite action figures comic characters growing up. But what exactly would he be appearing in? Not FIRST CLASS or MAGNETO, so is this possibly a whiff of X4?

Extra Tidbit: It's too much to hope for an R-rating isn't it? Yeah...
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