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Deadpool wants to help you get ready for a sweet release


Deadpool banner

Leave it up to Ryan Reynolds to take part in DEADPOOL's amazing marketing campaign and deliver the goods again and again! This time around he's helping to spread the word about next week's Blu-ray release with this fun infomercial that asks if YOU'RE ready to receive him come May 10th. Take a look!

Containing deleted and extended scenes as well as commentary with the cast and crew, the DEADPOOL Blu-ray will undoubtedly become the first must-own flick of 2016. The film delivered on most of the fronts that fans wanted and also managed to bring in new audiences, which seems almost unfathomable given the character. Then again, I suppose everyone else was sick of the same old comic book bullshit, too. Y'all better start brushing up on your chimichanga recipes!

Pre-order DEADPOOL on Blu-ray/DVD HERE!

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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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