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Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick talk script leak and conversations with Mark Millar


We are long overdue for this solo DEADPOOL movie. Of course I want it done right. I feel like my heart was ripped out after WOLVERINE ORIGINS. Why did you do that to such a great character? Ryan Reynolds has an opportunity to just nail it, and when the movie does finally hit screens, I know he will in a big way.

So what's the status on this damn thing now? /Film spoke to writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick on discussing the project with Marvel's creative consultant, Mark Millar and also got the scribes opinions on the script leak. Just so you know, Reynolds is still on to play Deadpool and Tim Miller is still set to direct.

Check out the conversation below.

/Film: We keep reading about is how awesome your Deadpool script is, but that itís so awesome we might never see it. How would you guys describe the script thatís out there right now thatís so R rated that we canítÖ

Rhett Reese: The way I would describe it is to say itís the best script weíve ever written and probably ever can write. To us itís the pinnacle of what we are capable of and we are super proud of it. It will definitely pose a risk, just because itís an R rated Deadpool and most comic book movies arenít, but we just think itís a phenomenal opportunity and weíve got a wonderful star in Ryan Reynolds and a wonderful director in Tim Miller and weíve got some wonderful test footage that he did for it. The script is sitting there, we just want it.

Paul Wernick: We really tapped into the character. They say, ďwrite what you know.Ē Itís ultimately a self hatingÖ.

Reese: (Laughs) Exactly. ďAn irreverent, vile lunatic.Ē

/Film: Have you talked to Mark Millar at all about it?

Reese: Weíve been in touch with Mark, because heís come on as a consultant for Fox, so we are talking to him and we areÖ.

Wernick: We are beating that drum. Itís the one project that we are so passionate to get made and we are doing everything we can. We have a few tricks up our sleeves still.

Reese: We are living a game of thrones, or trying to.

Wernick: You can find the script online actually. It leaked and there are downloads that you can read it yourself.

/Film: And you guys are fine with that, because youíre happy with it?

Wernick: As fine with that as we could be.

Reese: We really couldnít be. I mean we didnít have a choice. It leaked and we couldnít do anything about it and for a minute we were appalled and then the reaction was great, so we were excited and now I guess it doesnít really matter.

Wernick: Wait until youíve seen Timís test. Itís brilliant.

Source: /Film



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