Deadworld lives

Much as I love the zombie genre, video store shelves are crammed with substandard zero-budget attempts. There just aren't enough big-screen offerings with cash and talent behind them, and apparently David Hayter agrees.

The screenwriter (X-MEN, WATCHMEN) and producer will try to bring the comic series DEADWORLD to unlife. Hayter's Dark Hero Studios (named, of course, for the GUYVER sequel in which he starred) and former Fox honcho Bill Mechanic will visit the post-apocalyptic where a reanimated biker named King Zombie and his coffin-dodging followers prowl the land hunting the human survivors.

Hayter hopes to kick off a multipicture story arc, and says: "It's very much about the design of the Deadworld and creating cool, frightening but not necessarily gory creatures." I don't know if that last comment means they're aiming at PG-13, which could prove pretty tricky for a flick about flesh-eating ghouls...

Extra Tidbit: Hayter once planned to direct a flick based on Marvel's sexy Russian spy Black Widow, which had Rebecca Romijn rumored to slip into the skintight suit.
Source: Variety



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