Deal for Alibi

ALIBI comic cover

Top Cow comics are riding the big gnarly wave since their WANTED property exploded on screens with over $300M worldwide. The little publishing house aims at replicating such a feat with one of their newest titles, ALIBI.

Mandeville pictures, themselves hot off the surprisingly prosperous THE PROPOSAL with the Bale/Wahlberg combo THE FIGHTER underway, acquired the rights to the comic book about a well positioned socialite whose exposure provides the perfect alibi for his government-assassin twin brother. Mandeville exec David Hoberman described it as "The paranoia of 'Three Days of the Condor' with the action of the Jason Bourne movies".

Top Cow holds an annual "Pilot Season", where readers get to vote on MySpace for one of six different one-shots to decide which title has a future. In 2008, ALIBI got 3% of the votes for a resounding 6th place. Having an Angelina Jolie up their sleeve to pull this one off probably wouldn't hurt... Anyone who read it care to pitch in?

Extra Tidbit: One of the characters on that image up there looks like Bill Duke, or at least his eyes. He's freaking me out.
Source: Variety



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