Deal trailer

In case you missed the memo, every film is now about gambling on cards. Unfortunately, while THE GRAND looks great and really refreshing, DEAL looks somewhat less so. Bret Harrison (TV's Reaper) plays a hot-shot college kid who gets taken under the wing of an ex-gambler played by Burt Reynolds. Eventually, they turn on each other and the old pro ends up facing his protégé in the world series of poker final. I don't want to ruin anything, but I'm pretty sure I know how this ends: Tom Cruise ends up throwing the game to Paul Newman. He bets on himself to lose though, and makes a tidy little sum.

Even though I love gambling movies, there's just not a whole lot in this trailer to get me excited. There doesn't seem to be anything new here, am I right? Burt Reynolds is legendary, and Shannon Elizabeth possibly playing a hooker is pretty awesome until you remember that it's not ten years ago. Only a random shot of James Woods gives me hope, since I love James Woods. If we're making this stuff anyway, someone should definitely make ROUNDERS 2, even if it's just 90 minutes of Matt Damon fanning his World Series winnings in Gretchen Mol's face.

Check out the trailer for DEAL over at Yahoo.
Extra Tidbit: At this point does ANYONE, when playing poker, play the cards and not the player?
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