Death predicting cat getting his own movie

Now before you say "local news stories are getting their own movies now?" I have to say that the story of Oscar the Death Cat really is pretty damn interesting.

Variety reports that writers Stephen Lindsey and Luis Ugaz are adapting David Dosa's non-fiction book, Making the Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat. Hopefully they'll shorten that title down to DEATH CAT. I'd see that. Anyway, what's this all about?

Oscar, now 5 years old, arrived at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, R.I., as a kitten. A year later, staff starting noticing that the tabby would curl up with patients a few hours before their death.

Oscar's track record was so impeccable that he became an early warning signal for doctors and nurses. Whenever he began a vigil, staff notified family members and friends to come to the center.

No one really has a good answer as to why Oscar has seemingly magic powers, and he's still practicing his craft to this day. I'm not terribly sure how you're going to make a feature film out of this, as I would think it'd be better off a documentary, but who knows. Maybe they'll make Oscar CGI and voiced by Bill Murray.

Look for DEATH CAT (hopefully) in theaters in a few years.

Extra Tidbit: I'm surprised none of the old people tried to kill that damn murderous cat.
Source: Variety



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