Death Proof lapdance!

I'm sure that when Tarantino went to Kurt Russell with his script for DEATH PROOF his pitch was like "Hey pal, I'm gonna make an homage to old exploitation flicks, there's no market for it really, but you'll get some of my wicked smart dialogue... err... drive a cool car... Oh! And you're gonna get a sick lap dance from Vanessa Ferlito". Because seriously this thing is maybe the hottest minute and a half ever. You're probably wondering, how come you never saw no lapdance? You saw DEATH PROOF, where the hell was it? Well, for no apparent reason, the thing was cut. Now though, our younger, hotter sister (site), Moviehotties.com is bringing you that exclusive, high quality clip, right HERE! You probably want to go ahead and get on over there ricky tick. It ain't going anywhere, but believe me, you want to see it.

And don't forget UK-based schmoes, DEATH PROOF hits over here on the 20th September.
Extra Tidbit: Ferlito originally -- wait, what? You want to READ more??
Source: Movie Hotties



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