Death Race 2?

     Stallone in Death Race 2000

A sequel to the Jason Statham-fuelled remake DEATH RACE would've been absolutely inevitable had the movie grossed over $100M domestic AND got the star to return. Which is why the next chapter won't be a sequel but (drum roll please) a PREquel. A word often used to substitute "Direct to Video".

According to the folks of ShockTillYouDrop, Universal and Impact Pictures have tapped CHAOS helmer Tony Giglio (nice name) to write and possibly direct based on a pitch by P.W.S Anderson who helmed the first. They probably feel his ideas are pretty good. Who knows?

Story would look into the origins of the titular race, and the myth of the Frankenstein driver whoever he might've been the first few times. Which means no Statham, unless Uni pays top dollar and finds an appropriate angle to have him back. Did Statham turn them down or was he too expensive? I say the former. Besides, the guy has enough high-octane franchises going on these days, hasn't he?

Extra Tidbit: The original's Machine Gun Joe: now THERE'S a role Stallone should revisit. "Yo Adrian! Get off the road!"



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