Death Race revs up?

Director Paul WS Anderson is probably best known for slapping the quality out of major franchises such as RESIDENT EVIL and ALIEN vs PREDATOR, but he apparently won't get the chance to do the same with a movie based on the CASTLEVANIA videogame series.

Anderson (a noted videogame enthusiast and slightly more gifted filmmaker than Uwe Boll) was attached to adapt a live-action version of the vampire-battling action games, but according to Dread Central he is no longer involved with the project. Instead he'll apparently be focusing on the remake of DEATH RACE 2000, which has been slowly inching toward the starting line for years.

For those who might have missed the original superviolent 1975 cult flick (featuring what may be Sylvester Stallone's finest work), the satirical DEATH RACE 2000 follows futuristic racers in a road competition where they rack up points by driving over pedestrians.
Extra Tidbit: Before parting with Paramount, diminutive superstar Tom Cruise was producing the DEATH RACE remake and considering getting behind the wheel as the star.
Source: Dread Central



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