Death Sentence poster

Click HERE to check out the newest poster for the upcoming flick DEATH SENTENCE. Revenge flicks are pretty much always great. I could watch OLDBOY over and over again. Same with MAN ON FIRE. But can Kevin Bacon pull off vengeful, scorned man? I'm not sure but I'd like to think so. The movie follows a man who witnesses the murder of his oldest son and then goes on a mission of revenge as he seeks to put the hurt on each thug involved in the killing.

I have a deep respect for Bacon, he's simultaneously responsible for the character I would most want to bludgeon repeatedly in the head with a spiked paddle (in SLEEPERS), and my all-time favourite cameo on WILL AND GRACE. Can you say that about anyone else? I doubt it. Still, Bacon may have the biggest catalogue of shitty movies of anyone working today. Kelly Preston and John Goodman co-star in the flick, which is directed by SAW's James Wan.
Extra Tidbit: Bacon has never actually lived in Hollywood or Los Angeles.
Source: Cinematical



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