Deathly Hallows casting

I know more about the Navier-Stokes equation than I do HARRY POTTER, so while this sounds like nothing to me, I figured I'd better bring this to your attention just in case it was really, really important. From Snitchseeker:

"Firstly, we've spoken to a representative for Richard Griffiths, who plays Vernon Dursley in the franchise and have confirmed that he will be back.

We have also spoken to Ralph Ineson's agents about his role of Amycus Carrow. He had already been cast for Half-Blood Prince, however at this moment in time there are no plans for him to be in the last films. This however could change or else another actor could be cast in the role."

I'm gonna be honest: I typed about half of Richard Griffiths' name in the google search thing before I realized it was actually a gratuitous picture of Emma Watson I was looking for. I don't know what the hell I was thinking.
Extra Tidbit: Forbes estimated Watson's earnings for 2007 at $4 million. She was 17 years old that year.
Source: SnitchSeeker



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