Debbie does Mother

Debbie's Deep Blue Gaze

True Blood's sometimes annoying yet cute as a button Jessica, AKA Deborah Ann Woll, likes what the bloody genre is doing for her career, and will thus be following it for her very first jump onto the big screen.

Her redheaded tallness has signed on to Twisted Picture's MOTHER'S DAY, 'cause we just can't get enough o' those holiday-themed slasher films. This one comes from Darren Lynn Bousman who took the SAW franchise from 2 to 4 (I think...) and had the guts to cast Paris Hilton in REPO, so it might yet be a good-gory of a time. BUT it's another of them "crazed killer stalks campers" thingies. Oh! Wait, this one's a REMAKE! Well that changes everything; count me in!...

Ahem, so yeah, Woll and 2 more yet-to-be-named babes will be long-time friends whose weekend getaway takes place too close to the lair of deranged sibs and their not-much-nicer mom. Production is set for this fall to have the film in theater next year, just in time for...yup, really, I'm not kidding.

Extra Tidbit: September 14 is National Cream-Filled Donut Day. I dare anybody to make a horror film with that. MANIAC COP doesn't count!
Source: Reuters



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