Del Toro on Hobbit?

Guillermo Del Toro Jeff Wells over at "Hollywood Elsewhere" recently pointed out an interview in Entertainment Weekly in which cuddly Hispanic Beard Guillermo Del Toro threw out the possibility of directing THE HOBBIT in the upcoming brand spanking new Peter Jackson produced LORD OF THE RINGS prequel trilogy. I know what you're thinking - Say whaaaaaa? Apparently, the Latino Beard mentioned something that he's "heard some rumblings but nothing official. I don't want to think about it because it's such an eventuality." And a goddamn awesome eventuality at that. Moreover, to make things even more spine tingling, he added this little gem after being told it would make fanboy heads the world over explode with excitement if he were to actually direct this flick: "It would make my head explode! But you know, I think it's an eventuality. I would love to, but as my agent says, 'You're currently unemployed.'" Let's get this man employed, PJ!

Extra Tidbit: Doug Jones recently spoke about his role as Abe Sapien in the upcoming Del Toro directed HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY over HERE.



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