del Toro's Potter?

I remember hating the first HARRY POTTER film, but since then, they've been getting progressively darker (which is better in my opinion), and so much so in fact, that Guillermo del Toro - who turned down a chance to direct a POTTER film before - could be convinced to make one. He told MTV, "I’m up to be the one who kills twenty guys... They came to me once, for the third one... I’ve read them all, and when I read the books before the movies were done, I always pictured Charles Dickens - they were very Dickens-ian. The situation of Harry Potter reminded me a lot of Pip from ‘Great Expectations’. I saw them as deeper, more creaky, more corroded; then [the stories] were textured very differently when the first two movies came out. They were so bright and happy and full of light, that I wasn’t interested... They seem to be getting eerie and darker … If they come back to me, I’ll think about it.”

Sounds like a perfect fit to me, del Toro and a dark HARRY POTTER flick. What do you guys think?
Extra Tidbit: Del Toro turned down the chance to direct both I AM LEGEND and the doomed HALO project to make his HELLBOY sequel.
Source: MTV



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