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DeLorean: The Movie


    Marty and his ride

For anyone who wasn't around 24 years ago, that stainless steel sports car used to time travel might seem like a complete fabrication, especially since car and creator both went down 3 years before Marty McFly got to hit 88mph. Which only served to increase fascination and interest in an already "mythical" model.

The story behind the DeLorean Motors Company and its founder was going to be told (as we learned a while back), and it has a director. HBO's "House of Saddam" director Alex Holmes has been tapped to write and direct a bio pic on the late John DeLorean, from his auto venture to his drug-trafficking trial.

Homes and co-writer Rob Warr, who are developing the project for XYZ Films and Time Studios, will be granted unprecedented access to the late mogul's estate by his son Zachary DeLorean. “There are other producers out there trying to make a movie about my father," the offspring said, "but this is the only one I’m standing behind, and the only one the DeLorean estate is allowing."

Anyone care to p*ss me off and share that they drove one and it was just as awesome an experience as it sounds?

Extra Tidbit: My Top-5 Movie cars: Bullitt's Mustang, Mad Max's Interceptor, the Blues Brother's Dodge Monaco, Marty McFly's DMC-12, and of course the Tumbler.
Source: Screen Daily



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