DeLorean: the movie?

Here's a good question: Had its construction not been perfectly suited for time travel, how many people today (especially those born after 1980) would even know what a DeLorean was?

Fortunately for entrepreneur John DeLorean, his stainless steel, gullwing-doored vehicle was immortalized in the BACK TO THE FUTURE series. Unfortunately for entrepreneur John DeLorean, the car was only produced for a few years, he was charged with drug trafficking (entrapment), his company failed, and he has since died of a stroke.

But his life story is apparently considered meaty enough for there to be three potential biopics racing each other toward production. Brett Ratner is revving one up (with legendary producer Robert Evans), producer David Permut has one going, and now Time Inc. (as in the magazine) and XYZ Films have a key in the ignition, with each project getting assistance from different people associated with DeLorean (lawyer, biz partner, son, etc.).

It remains to be seen which one will first make it to 88 mph, but when it does...

Extra Tidbit: Only around 9000 of the famous DMC-12 vehicles were produced, although the resurrected company started making them again in 2008.
Source: Variety



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