Wow, the INCREDIBLE HULK trailer was pretty good, but it just reminded me how outrageously orgasmic the DARK KNIGHT trailer was. Apparently, in order to further facilitate this whole marketing switch from The Joker to Harvey Dent, a fleet of 'Dentmobiles' are gonna be cruising around America. Why are they doing this? Why, to rally support for Mr. Dent, of course. And you can find out right HERE if they're gonna be coming to a city near you.

Question: who the hell else is running for District Attorney? How is this person not gonna be crushed? Harvey Dent seems to have the whole thing sewn up already with this massive publicity campaign. Look for him to secure the elderly vote next week the introduction of the complimentary Harvey Dental implants. THE DARK KNIGHT opens in cinemas on July 18th. I truly feel sorry for those kids who are just about old enough to grasp how awesome the movie is, but can look forward to a lifetime of no film ever coming close again. I've had a good life so far, I've seen and done some good shit, I'm ready for it to all go down hill, baby. Those kids, though? It just seems a little unfair.
Extra Tidbit: That chick in the picture isn't a JoBlo.com reader is she?



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