Denzel is Bittersweet?

This slipped by me amidst the Comic Con chaos, but Twitch says that Denzel Washington (himself a Con attendee for THE BOOK OF ELI) is planning to star in an American remake of the outstanding South Korean film A BITTERSWEET LIFE.

No director or other info has been revealed, but the project has apparently in development at Fox (*shudder*).

Kim Ji-Woon's original gangster noir starred Lee Byung Hun (soon to be best known to US audiences as G.I. JOE foe Storm Shadow) as a crime lord's chief enforcer, assigned to look after his boss' young mistress. This leads him into trouble, followed by his own dismissal and ultimately just pure bloody revenge.

It's a layered, surprising and darkly poetic film with some masterful orchestration of carnage... and something tells me the US version won't quite achieve the same success, Oscar-winning actor or not. The eventual director could make all the difference.

Extra Tidbit: Between this and Will Smith remaking OLDBOY, is black the new Korean?
Source: Twitch



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