Denzel's Next

Denzel Washington is set to star in BOOK OF ELI, a post-apocalyptic drama to be directed by the Hughes Brothers (FROM HELL). The film will follow Washington as a singular hero, forced to fight the forces of evil in the not-too-distant-future in order to grant society its chance at redemption. Sounds a bit like I AM LEGEND with smarts. I guess one might even argue that Denzel is like Will Smith with smarts. But then one might argue that Will Smith is the biggest movie star on the planet so he probably has smarts too. But then one might go so far as to say that the Hughes Brothers are finally back. But if the Hughes brothers are back, that must mean that Joel Silver is producing. And if Joel Silver is producing that can only signify that Gary Whitta is writing. This conclusion might lead one to finally decide that this movie sounds like it will be badass. Shoot. This all just makes too much sense.
Extra Tidbit: Denzel can next be seen opposite John Travolta in Tony Scott's THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123
Source: Variety



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