Depp and Burton VIII

Collider spoke with producer Richard Zanuck and is now reporting that following ALICE IN WONDERLAND Tim Burton and Johnny Depp will team up to make a big screen adaptation of DARK SHADOWS, a show from the 1960s or some such shit. I don't know, I wasn't alive back then, so whatever. This will be Burton's next film.

The movie will be about what happens when a governess arrives at the Collins' family mansion to find that there are vampires afoot. The gothic soap opera also featured werewolves, ghosts, zombies, man-made monsters, witches and warlocks. Wow, why wasn't Guillermo Del Toro asked to make this? They could have had Del Toro invite Depp over for dinner and then just sent an intern with a camcorder to his house and filmed what happened. They would have saved a ton of money since I'm pretty sure that's what his house is like anyway. Except there would probably have been winged creatures with tons of eyes too. He loves those things.
Extra Tidbit: Depp is godfather to one of Burton's kids.
Source: Collider



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