Depp as Demon Barber

Johnny Depp Sweeney Todd Notorious gossip monger Perez Hilton has landed himself the first look at Johnny Depp as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street in Tim Burton's upcoming musical adaptation SWEENEY TODD. An appropriately flamboyant costume and a craftily placed utensil coupled with the personality of a sociopathic homicidal barber with a predilection for periodically breaking into exuberant song can only mean great things for someone as singularly talented as Depp. In fact, word on the electronic street is that his performance is quite Oscar-worthy and come next year, he'll be clumsily faltering through an acceptance speech after someone jolts him awake to inform him that he's won the Academy Award for Best Actor. Click HERE to see a high res version of the picture unfortunately tainted with Perez' particular brand of pre-pubescent, non-sensical captioning. SWEENEY TODD is scheduled for release in December.

Extra Tidbit: Sweeney Todd is the musical featured in Kevin Smith's JERSEY GIRL as Gertrude Trinke's choice for her school talent show. Everyone else chose Cats.
Source: Perez Hilton



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