Depp eyes Pancho

Usually the words "biopic" and "action packed" don't really go together in the same sentence, but that might change, now that Johnny Depp is now in talks to star as Pancho Villa in Emir Kusturcia's SEVEN FRIENDS OF PANCHO VILLA AND THE WOMAN WITH SIX FINGERS. What the f*ck is with that title? I don’t know, but it got my attention.

For those of you as well-versed in history as myself, who think that Pancho Villa is a store that sells rain gear, the man is a famous revolutionary who stole shit from rich people and got laid a lot, kind of like a Mexican Robin Hood. If you want a more in depth explanation than that, I’ll point you over in this direction.

Also in talks to co-star is hispanic goddess Salma Hayek, meaning I’m giving this movie at least four stars in advance. That seems fair.

Nothing is official yet, as lord knows Depp has a lot on his plate, but I’ll be interested to hear more info about this potentially excellent project.

Extra Tidbit: That's the most western looking picture of Depp I could find.
Source: Variety



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