Depp replaces Ledger?

So, after reporting to you schmoes that Ledger's death had halted production on THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS, it seems that the plot has thickened a little. Apparently, Johnny Depp might be in to replace Ledger for the remainder of the film that has yet to be shot. Keep in mind that the source here is the British Sun, which is usually only slightly more accurate than projectile vomit, but such is the rumor. Apparently, there's a point in the offbeat film, where "Ledger's character falls through a magic mirror. He could change into another character after that and that is where Johnny would come in." I wouldn't put to much stock in the rumor, but I am all for whatever measures need to be taken to let us see Ledger's final body of work. He'll probably always be remembered as The Joker, now, but he deserves for us to see his work on PARNASSUS too. So yeah, if there's even a shred of truth in this, I'm all for it. In fact, I'd like to implement this plot device into more movies; maybe in the upcoming OVER HER DEAD BODY, Eva Longoria could fall through a magic mirror and Will Ferrell could pop out. Or in SEX AND THE CITY, Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of her crew could fall through Big's magic mirror and have no one come out, since I'm pretty sure an empty room for 40 minutes would be less painful than those four whoring around town and buying shoes.
Extra Tidbit: Lily Cole, the chick who will play Alice (of Wonderland fame) in Marilyn Manson's PHANTASMAGORIA, also stars in this flick.
Source: The Sun



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