Dern teaches Fockers

Cage & Dern in Wild at Heart

Not big casting news per say, but interesting in that it shows Laura Dern is still alive and well (and still looking good), and lets us now that the film is still happening. In case we weren't aware or didn't care. If it's the latter, then sorry, I guess.

Dern, who will always stay branded in my head as the chick who gets repeatedly banged by Nic Cage in WILD AT HEART, joins the new Fockers sequel as an elementary school teacher where Ben Stiller,s kids are getting bullied because of their name. If not then this'll be a Sci-Fi/Fantasy film.

Paul Weitz takes over directing with Jay Roach still involved as producer. The foursome or grandparents is expected back as well. Note that THE LITTLE FOCKERS is only a working title at this point, but if they got away with the previous one why wouldn't they here as well?

Extra Tidbit: To be fair I haven't watched WILD AT HEART in years, but that's really what I remember most from that film - Sailor and Lula banging over and over. And Willem Dafoe is nightmare-inducing creepy.



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