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Descent 2 trailer


One thing I never thought while watching THE DESCENT, one of my favorite horror films of this decade, is "man, that was good, but what if they made it twice as long?" That would seem to be the plan for THE DESCENT 2, which as you can see from the trailer below, appears to be more the same. Granted, the original was great, but how much can you really expand on caves, cave explorers, cave creatures, and the propensity of the cave explorers and cave creatures to kill each other?

In any case, if this can capture any of the terror and claustrophobia of the original, it will at the very least be worth watching (though be forewarned, the writer/director of the first film, Neil Marshall, is doing neither for this film). Perhaps we’ll get to see a cameo from a certain young lady who managed to last until the end of the first movie?

Check out the trailer below or head over to IGN for a bigger version

Extra Tidbit: I once read an interpretation of the film that said “Imagine there are no monsters, and it’s really just Sarah killing all her friends.” Trippy, but fails to hold up logically.
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