Destro cast!

That exclamation mark was pretty sarcastic, and a little bit sad. I still don't think that the GI JOE movie has moved into clusterfuck territory yet, but if you ask me, this casting is a major step in that direction. It's basically one The OC cast member away. Destro, the film's main villain has apparently been cast, and the man to play him is David Murray, also known as 'Charles Bowden' from VERONICA GUERIN, or 'who?' by the 6 and a half billion people who weren't looking out for his role because they were blood relatives. Now, I'm all for the casting of unknown actors in major films, but in the juiciest role in a mega budget movie? I don't know about that. Hopefully he'll make me eat my words, though. This casting comes hot on the heels of Cap Rooney, Dennis Quaid being cast as 'Hawk' and Billy Zane's evil twin, Arnold Vosloo being cast as 'Zartan'. GI JOE is directed by Stephen Sommers (VAN HELSING).
Extra Tidbit: Murray is actually the thug in BATMAN BEGINS who fires maniacally into the night and then goes WHERE ARE YOU?? Before Bats pops up behind him with 'Here'.
Source: IESB



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